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Wood pellets

Wood pellets

A second considerable part of AVOTI products is effective and environmentally friendly industrial wood pellets manufactured from a lower quality wood and waste from sawmills, woodworking and the furniture manufacturing process. This is a significant stage of lean manufacturing technology.  In considering the amount of wood waste AVOTI is able to completely provide companies and manufacturing plants with necessary power, as well as manufacture high-quality pellets for the needs of other large companies.

Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly, renewable fuel that is widely used globally, especially in Nordic countries, for heating and power supply purposes.

In the beginning dried wood chips and shavings are ground in a special hammer mills. Afterwards they are pressed using 6mm diameter dies. When increasing the pressure, the temperature of the wood pellet mass also increases, and as a result lignin is activated in the fibres of wood pellets – this ingredient keeps the pellet together. We do not use other glues or chemical binding substances in the pellets making process. In this way we can provide a clean, environmentally friendly fuel that is caring to furnaces, heats premises and provides power supply.

Pellets are manufactured in bulk and sold in big volumes, also exported for further transportation via sea routes.

You get various advantages when selecting clean energy from renewable resources:

  • high calorific value, long burning time,
  • convenient transportation and storage,
  • low amount of ash,
  • convenient and economical use in heating systems,
  • high quality without chemical binding substances, sand and mineral additions.



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