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Product quality is the main driving force in the development of any company. We consolidate it with all the resources we have – investments, innovation potential and technologies, as well as energy of our team. Our experience shows that by focusing on the main goal and honest fulfilment of our work in any manufacturing stage and process without compromising the quality of work, selecting only impeccable manufacturing materials, we increase not only the quality of products but also reputation, productivity, profit and export possibilities of our company in Latvia and abroad.

Our aim is good, practical, modern furniture valued by a wide range of customers all around the world. Shelves, tables, wardrobes and bureaus, children’s furniture – we have the highest requirements in every case: furniture should be safe and functional, mechanically strong, without harmful evaporations.

Children’s furniture must comply with the highest criteria of child safety, which we are able to provide in full with existing technologies and engineering solutions.  Indisputable proof of our work and product quality is given by our clients – global furniture retail sales networks that highly value our performance; they sell our furniture in their stores to people not only in Europe, but also Asia and America.

Every manufacturer and its products must undergo a difficult auditing and certification process that approves not only the perfect quality of the product, but also compliance with the highest safety requirements. We also carefully test processes in the company – manufacturing technologies and capacities, responsible entrepreneurship at every stage, starting from the selection of timber, human resource management and protection of the environment during the manufacturing process.