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Every thoughtfully and passionately created object makes the world a better place. We create furniture.  It is so convenient to work at your own desk, wake up every morning after a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed or know that everything in the garage is arranged as you like! We think that the selection of the right furniture can significantly increase your comfort level and help organise your daily routine. When you look carefully around, you will notice the impact of beautiful furniture – solid, practical, inspiring – in almost every interior.

AVOTI manufactures shelves, furniture for living rooms and children’s rooms, as well as other furniture designs that perfectly match the needs and requirements of the widest audience. Manufacturing technologies of the company are targeted for manufacturing in bulk and the optimal use of resources. Without a doubt, this approach includes uncompromising quality control and environment protection and responsible management activities that are implemented daily.

People from Europe and other continents get to know our furniture through the retail sales network of the world’s most popular furniture brand.   Admirers of this brand love modern design, premium quality, ecological materials, practical application and available price. Do you want to know the road of furniture and its manufacturer until it conquers the whole world?  First you need countless audits and certificates proving the highest ethical and quality standards of the company in regard to various issues – philosophy and current reputation of the company, sustainable growth, impact of the used materials on the environment and health, capacity and efficiency of manufacturing technologies and processes, quality control, employee protection and others.

Have we succeeded?  Yes, and we are very proud of this.  The road to recognition was paved with more than twenty years’ experience in furniture manufacturing, going through difficult periods, finding solutions to various issues and discovering impulses for more focused growth.  We discovered a way of developing lean manufacturing and regulating manufacturing processes to prevent over-production, downtime, spoiled goods, uneconomic activities and costs.

AVOTI products are made with powerful latest generation technologies allowing the manufacture of high-quality solid wood furniture in bulk according to client requirements. Furniture is mostly manufactured from pine, which based on the design is varnished or supplemented with other elements.  Different premium quality, environmentally friendly materials are used to manufacturer every piece of furniture, making it easy to assemble for the customer and at an affordable price.

Thousands of people all around the world are using our furniture:

  • reliable shelf systems: from simple designs in garages and warehouses to shelf modules for living rooms and children’s rooms,
  • practical desks, dining tables and coffee tables,
  • spacious and comfortable wardrobes and bureaus,
  • pleasantly designed and safe children’s furniture.