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We invite motivated individuals who are full of initiative and highly value the possibility to challenge existing achievements and standards of excellence to join our team and we offer wide professional growth possibilities to them.

AVOTI is a company that remembers every step in our development, and with gratitude, values the contribution of our team in the search for and implementation of innovative solutions, so the quality of products, manufacturing volumes and general performance indicators put us amongst the leading woodworking and furniture manufacturing companies in the region.

It is important for us that each employee of the company understands his or her role in achieving common goals, searches for and sees the possibilities to improve operations of our company, contributes to environment protection and the implementation of the corporate culture. The satisfaction of each employee with the work environment, remuneration and individual achievements are of no less importance.

We believe that it is only possible to form a great team from the people who are aware of their value, talents and contribution in the common work.

We constantly grow and develop.