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Mission. Vision. Values

Mission. Vision. Values


By manufacturing high-quality solid wood furniture for a wide range of customers and providing precise and timely deliveries of manufactured products, we achieve growth of the company.


Increase welfare in the local community and every household, caring for the environment and constant development.


Our main values are closely related to two milestones of the company – employees and manufacturing processes. We are aware that successful business development is based not only on modernisation and improvement of the manufacturing process but also on complying with human values and just principles in everyday cooperation, relations and company culture in general.

Independent in our work and ideas

Just like a spring is always searching for new places to flow to, we are also guided by a purposeful future perspective. Our manufacturing cycle and energy independence provides stable existence and successful activities of our company.
We care for the family traditions that we cherish and strengthen!

Responsible in our work and attitude

We manufacture high-quality furniture and other products that bring wellbeing to every home. We are aware that this promise is based on responsible and considered management of manufacturing processes and day-to-day work. We care for the environment and forests – during the years of our work we have planted thousands of fir trees, pines and birches.

Accurate in our speech and actions

In cooperation with our partners and clients we try to be punctual and accurate, we fulfil orders and deliver products according to deadlines. The product quality bar is the standard of our work. And we know that to err is human, and we do not consider it the end of the world: we recognise the mistake, correct it and go on.

Honest in conversations and relations

We value open and honest dialogue, as well as an open exchange of thoughts and ideas that helps us to achieve our common goals. We finish what we have started, fulfil our commitments and promises.

Dynamic in our development

We follow the words of the great poet Rainis: “The one who endures is the one who is willing to change!” and just like a spring, we feel stable in our land and location, and are constantly developing at the same time. Our driving force is a desire to create added value to our every action, product and procedure!