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Our team

Our team

AVOTI is the leading solid wood furniture manufacturing company in Latvia. Manufacturing plant of the company is located in a strategically convenient location – 160 kilometres from Riga, north-east part of Vidzeme, Lizums, Gulbene region. The company employs around 400 people.

More than 29 years of experience in the wood industry and an integrated management system policy allows us to manufacture products that comply with world-class quality and market requirements.  AVOTI activities are targeted and well-considered: we have an idea – we turn it into reality! We are a modern and sustainable company that follows energy efficiency in our manufacturing cycle, cares for the constant quality of products and environmentally sound habits.

Our success is based on three components:

Our greatest riches – professional employees

It is very important for the employees of the company to know their role, be respectful and understanding towards natural resources and use them expediently in the manufacturing of products.  Our employees are regularly trained to upgrade their competences and develop a uniform understanding about solutions for the improvement of the work environment. Our backbone is an experienced local team open for the constant development of the company and international experience.  We are aware that everyone is different and we know that only together can we create a real force!


Our main product

Solid pine and spruce furniture: industrially manufactured, high quality and corresponding to the demands of modern life. At the same time the company constantly improves manufacturing processes and regularly upgrades the product assortment.  Wood waste created during the furniture manufacturing process is turned into heating products: pellets and saw dust briquettes for the needs of the local and export market.


Well developed partnership

We have developed a stable cooperation with leading companies of the industry in Latvia and the world, as well as global furniture retail sales networks.

AVOTI performs commercial activities according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, regulations of responsible entities and good cooperation practice with clients and cooperation partners.